Zyxel WAX610D – Professional WiFi 6 Access Point

This dedicated business kit incorporates the full range of WiFi 6 technologies, including UL / DL, OFDMA, MU-MIMO, and 1024 QAM, enabling speeds of up to 2,975 MBps.

The WAX610D 4 × 4 (5G) + 2 × 2 (2.4G) dual optimization antenna design is an effective solution to ensure fast and trouble-free service to every customer at all times, whether it is wall-mounted or mounted on the wall. the ceiling. This equipment uses second-generation transmission beamforming technology with low-end sensitivity enhancements and time-domain channel smoothing, allowing data rates to increase not only for MU-MIMO clients, but for everybody.

Prudent energy consumption

The Zyxel WAX610D is not only efficient in delivering high speeds to wireless clients, it is also energy efficient. It can deliver its maximum performance while keeping PoE consumption within the PoE + standard, to enjoy the latest WiFi 6 technology and experience the uncompromising multi-gigabit speed first-hand when coupled with the capacity of the Zyxel series switches. XS1930 without the need to rewire.

The WAX610D with NebulaFlex Pro offers flexibility for users to switch between autonomous, controller-managed, and cloud-managed modes.


The dual-radio 802.11ax AP (dual 4 × 4 + 2 × 2 MIMO) provides a maximum data rate of 2,975 MBps. Coupled with the capacity of the Zyxel XS1930 series switches, the 2.5 GBE uplink offers uncompromising multi-gigabit speed without the need for rewiring. The dual optimization antenna, meanwhile, provides wall / ceiling mounting modes to suit your deployment. Finally, advanced cellular coexistence minimizes interference from 4G / 5G cellular networks.

WiFi 6

The Zyxel WAX610D is a true WiFi 6 access point; coupled with Zyxel’s exclusive dual optimized antenna technology, the user experience wins a lot of money. In addition to running at 25% faster speed, the WAX610D can also accommodate more client devices without any drop in speed, allowing easy scalability to support hundreds of connections without increased latency.

4G / 5G cellular network coexistence

With the increasing ubiquity of mobile devices on the wireless network, users begin to experience degraded performance, such as ping drops and high latency; however, each time the user turns off the mobile equipment, the wireless service returns to work without problems. Therefore, to enable 4G / 5G cellular network coexistence and minimize interference from 4G / 5G antennas or signal boosters, the WAX610D has built-in 4G / 5G interference filters. As a result, the 4G / 5G indoor antennas visible or invisible in the environment are no longer a problem when installing APs.

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