ZTE 5G Common Core, validated by Red Hat OpenShift | News | Infrastructures

ZTE has announced that its 5G Common Core product has been validated in Red Hat OpenShift What core network product fully compatible with 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G. This opens a new stage for the global cooperation between ZTE 5GC and Red Hat.

As a hub for innovation, the Asian firm’s Joint Openlab provides global resources for customers and partners who want to build 5G applications and solutions. Red Hat has incorporated a variety of environments into Openlab for certification testing. The control plane NFs and the forwarding plane NFs of ZTE 5G Common Core have passed the verification of those environments. Both the performance test and the performance test have met the intended objectives and have been recognized by the North American company.

ZTE 5G Common Core, validated by Red Hat OpenShift.ZTE 5G Common Core, validated by Red Hat OpenShift.

ZTE 5G Common Core joins ZTE’s general server products and network management products as validated for Kubernetes, the industry-leading enterprise platform on Red Hat OpenShift. This further deepens the cooperation between the two companies, and demonstrates the advantages of the Asian manufacturer’s 5G products.

Based on the cloud-native design concept, ZTE 5G Common Core employs SBA (service-based architecture), microservices components, lightweight containers and other new 5G technologies to build a converged core network, thus achieving flexible and agile service innovation, deployment and O&M. Integration with Red Hat OpenShift validates the advancement and universality of the ZTE 5G Common Core architecture, helping global telcos to rapidly deploy and commercialize 5G networks.

“Next-generation mobile networks start with cloud-native 5G services running on innovative open source hardware and technologies, and we are excited to work with ZTE to help bring these solutions to service providers as fuel for transformation. of the network “, he found Joe Fernandes, Vice President of Product, Red Hat. “By deploying CNF on top of Red Hat OpenShift, ZTE is able to drive a more agile and user-friendly environment for operations teams, accelerating the delivery of future mobile services. We look forward to continuing our work with ZTE to assist service providers in their migration to the open hybrid cloud. “

For his part, Wang Quan, Vice President of ZTE, stated that “upholding the openness concept, ZTE has cooperated extensively with major vendors, such as Red Hat, in various fields, such as hardware, NFVI, VNF, CNF and the integration of virtualized E2E systems, to offer operators flexible network construction options. We will continue to work with Red Hat to help global operators build more secure, open and cost-effective core cloud networks. “