Zoom will now allow you to report and kick problem users

It is no secret to anyone that Zoom has become one of the most used platforms in recent months.

The figures support this growth. In the second fiscal quarter of the year, Zoom assured that it averaged 148.4 million monthly active users, 4,700 percent more than last year.

This translated into significant revenue growth. Although it has already been warned for months about the exponential and accelerated growth of the platform, it is still striking that it reported income for $ 663.5 million, which represented a growth of 355 percent compared to last year.

The numbers are even higher than what was reported the previous quarter, when it grew by 169 percent upon reaching the $ 328 million; a behavior largely derived from the COVID-19 crisis.

More interesting is to recognize that 81 percent of this income was derived from the addition of new users to its service.

This exponential growth has led the platform on more than one occasion to rethink its terms of use and launch new functions in order to provide greater security as well as optimize the experience of its users.

In recent weeks, the now popular application has just announced the launch of a new platform for buying and selling virtual experiences, an effort that follows the trend that some brands such as Google or Amazon have begun to explore.

Now, Zoom has announced an update to its service which, among other things, will allow users to report and expel “problematic” users for any virtual meeting.

These new tools, which seek to give more control to the hosts and co-hosts, will allow suspending the activities of the participants as well as reporting them to denounce bad practices in those remote meetings.

The new resources are part of the recent version 5.4.3 of the service, which is available for Mac, PC, Linux computers and also for Applications mobiles.

The option to suspend a user from a video call allows the hosts to temporarily stop the meeting to “remove” a specific user and notify the Trust and Safety team of Zoom.

As indicated by the platform, suspending the meeting stops all video, audio and chat functions; screen sharing and recording will also stop.

Once the user has made the report on the suspended user, all these operations can be activated.

Regarding the participant reporting tool, users will be able to report a participant who has engaged in bad behavior directly from the Zoom client.

This will be easy. All you have to do is click on the security icon, located at the top left of the screen, and select the option to send the report.

With this movement, Zoom seeks to strengthen its leadership position in the midst of a time when the promise of the arrival of a new vaccine has made the value of their roles fall in the face of what this means to return to normality.

In a timely manner, estimates syndicate that Zoom’s price fell by 17 percent during the day last Monday, this after the advances in Pfizer’s vaccine were announced.

Thus, it is estimated that Zoom went from $ 500 per share to $ 314 at the close of the market, which translated into losses of $ 5 billion for the founders of the video calling platform.