Everyone is loving Zoom in these times of pandemic. The video conference or virtual meeting system has allowed many schools around the world to continue teaching, or simply for people to talk to each other now that they are at home. However SpaceX does not think the same.

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According to a . report, the aerospace company banned its employees from using the video conferencing platform as it considers it dangerous, especially now that the United States police warned users that their security and privacy were at risk when using Zoom.

In an email sent to its employees on March 28, SpaceX explains to its employees that access to Zoom has been disabled immediately and asks them to use other means of communication.

Says part of the email:

“We understand that many of us were using this tool for conferences and support meetings. Use email, text, or the phone as alternative means of communication. ”

However, SpaceX is not the only one that prohibits the use of Zoom by its employees, also NASA does not let staff connect to the app, according to Stephanie Schierholz, a spokeswoman for the space agency.

The Boston Federal Bureau of Investigation office issued a warning on Zoom on Monday, warning users not to publicize meetings on the site or share links, after receiving two reports of unidentified individuals invading school sessions. . This invasive phenomenon is known as “zoombombing”.

For its part, investigative news site The Intercept explained that the zoom videos are not end-to-end encrypted and that the company was able to view the sessions.

Zoom issued a statement apologizing where it explains:

“We want to start by apologizing for the confusion we have caused by incorrectly suggesting that Zoom meetings were able to use end-to-end encryption. Zoom has always strived to use encryption to protect content in as many scenarios as possible, and in that spirit, we use the term end-to-end encryption. ”

End-to-end encryption is a communication system where only users who communicate can read messages. In other words, Zoom’s encryption is not end-to-end and its security could be violated relatively easily.