Zoom incorporates two new ‘antitrolls’ tools to improve the security and privacy of your video calls

With the confinement decreed in the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the tools to work and communicate remotely took on an unusual importance both at work and at a personal level. That’s when video calling services took several steps forward and Zoom was one of those who best channeled the new demand.

Although there were complaints about the security of their video calls and the communications themselves, Zoom has managed to maintain and evolve, and today it is a tool at the level of others that were previously more popular such as Hangouts, Meet, Duo, Facetime or even Skype. Now, Zoom gets down to work for me.improve the management system of ‘trolls’ and unwanted guests.

Search for shared links and collective moderation

Zoom has decided to continue advancing in terms of security and privacy with its video calls, and for this it has launched two new tools to allow better handling of ‘trolls’ and unwanted guests on your platform. One of them is completely new and the other is the release of an option that only the creators of each call could control.

The first of the improvements consists of an online search system that is responsible for crawling the network in search of the link of the meeting itself. With this functionality, Zoom tries to find out if the meeting link has been shared on public sites in order to prevent unauthorized incorporations at first. If the shared link is located, the creator of said meeting is notified by email so that he can take action against possible intrusions.

Zoom can now search the internet for your meeting link to see if it was shared without your consent

The second is the one we mentioned that already existed, and is that it is made available to all participants in a video call a button to request the moderation of possible ‘trolls’ that are part of the meeting. If a participant is annoying or offensive, it must no longer be only the creator of the meeting who reports so that their activity is suspended and they are expelled from the room, the rest of the participants can collaborate in this task of maintaining the video call.

The two functionalities are already spreading by all user accounts of the application and should not take long to be available to everyone. With this, Zoom takes another step forward in terms of security and privacy of your video calls and continues to strengthen a service that, to this day, remains one of the most popular on the market.

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Zoom incorporates two new ‘antitrolls’ tools to improve the security and privacy of your video calls