The so controversial 2020 has left us everything. Nor are we going to go there because it was already. But among all that, it has left us a mountain of new music that has us clinging to mental health. Fortunately, Zoé It is one of those bands that has not let the pandemic slow down the pace they had in 2019 and Today they present us with one more song from their next album titled Karmatic Resonance Sounds.

To continue with the inertia of a year in which they took the American Grammy in the category of Best Latin Alternative Album for his latest album, Aztlán, today we have in our ears his new song “Fever”.

Zoé shows us the preview of a new song called

Zoé giving a show in Mexico City in 2019 / Photo: .


“Fever” arrives to be presented as the second single from Sounds of Karmatic Resonance. In mid-May, the rockers would present us with “SKR”, a grim and debuffing song. One that invites you to get out of quarantine with your mind to the place that lives in the head of Leon larregui.

With “Fever” things do not change. In itself the spirits were already full because the band from Cuernavaca showed us a small preview three days ago of what we are now enjoying in loop. There we could hear an interesting little verse accompanied by calm and enveloping melodies. In the style of Zoé. But now we have the complete magic.

León Larregui de Zoé on stage. Photo: CHINO LEMUS / OCESA

The song starts fast. The synthesizers and Leon’s voice do not wait. But soon we have to wait for the rhythm to drop and we hear the chorus: “You are not going to shut me up, you are not going to turn me into a robot”. Its sequences remind us of Reptilectric, but around here Zoé pauses us with slower, more enveloping and more honest melodies than ever.

After hearing “Fever” we can dare to say that we have a new Zoé. And we say it in the best possible way. Its sound and its lyrics continue to have everything we’ve fallen in love with for years. But like any great rock band, you feel a quest to experiment beyond what they have always done. You feel like a Zoé without fear of exploring sonic boundaries in a mature and honest way. One that any fan will understand and enjoy as always.

Zoé premieres

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So far there is no official release date for Karmatic Resonance Sounds. However, we already have two revelations, two great parameters of what we are going to hear. So much “SKR ”as“ Fever ” they are experimental, with soft melodies but deep messages. At this rate, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them repeat their successful year 2019. Enjoy Zoé’s latest single:

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