The truth is that it is a pleasure to retake one of those albums that reached a certain notoriety at the time, but that for you is a classic, with all the lyrics, one of those that you know by heart and that you have put a thousand times in the musical chain.

Zodiac Mindwarp or what is the same, Mark Manning is probably the most badass and cheat band of the rock territory and the truth is that they earned it freehand, counting this “Tattooed beat Messiah” as the perfect album to garrulear wanting to pass it on good.

Mark Manning was a graphic designer from London who, in the mid-80s, decided to savor the wild side of life and transformed himself into a Zodiac Mindwarp, rock star, badass, decadent, indomitable, sinister, hood and egomaniac.

He sought out and tested several musicians who would like to accompany him on his journey along the edge until he established some chosen ones who helped him to outline this gem of hard rock. Cobalt Stargazer and Flash Bastard would take care of the guitars, Thrash D.Garbage of the low one and Slam Thunderside of the battery.

We find powerful riffs, mixed with easy rock rhythms, chorus choruses and overwhelming choruses, mixed with a sense of humor, self-parody and desire to have fun that throw back. If we add the lyrics, totally horny, full of irony, talking about sex, drugs, rock and roll, this bunch of cheeky beasts are able to hook you on the 1st listen and what is better, start singing and jumping with them.

We are dealing with a totally different product from what 80s hard rock had us used to. Dirty and sharp guitars, forceful and lively rhythmic section and one of the most badass, slums, challenging and cool voices in the history of rock, able to put your batteries and make you get up from your chair and never stop moving.

However, under those pints of dirty neighborhood sluts hide 100% catchy melodies and songs like “Prime mover”, “Backseat education”, “Let´s break the law” or the horny version of the classic of the Steppenwolf “Born to be wild”.

The album begins with a small speech that presents the intentions of the band, with a half satanic voice that tells us: “Listen, here Wolfchild, I speak of nonconformity, the psychotronic love commands; We must be drunk in the stars, we must fear nothing; We ask for the impossible; We dream your destiny, defying logic; I enslave the king of the world; Nothing is impossible”.


Simply brutal, a whole declaration of intent that connects, with a dark keyboard strike and a bawdy scream, with one of the funniest songs of the decade. Very powerful guitar riff, accompanied by a tireless rhythm, a chorus voice and some frightening choruses, because if there is one thing that stands out in addition to everything mentioned, the choruses are really great.

The video clip they took from this song joins the party and presents us, after a blasphemous interview with the band’s drummer disguised as Jesus Christ, a spaceship that collides with a Catholic women’s school and a flock of dirty and disheveled tattooed men leaves her, turning innocent virgins into sex-starved rockers and worshipers of invaders. To split. If you can look it up on youtube you will have a laugh.

The album continues with that festive atmosphere and the catchy “Skull spark joker”, very rocky in its musical scheme, makes us a preamble to another of the megahits we can find, “Backseat education”. Again it starts with a challenging guitar and a voice that is more than dirty and immediately you feel like jumping again, asking for another beer and leaving your throat next to them. And the chorus is one of those that make time, it gets into your cerebral cortex immediately and does not let you get it out of there. Brutal.

Here they also made a video clip that directly happens to be the most horny and quirky I have ever seen. A gang member is playing poker against an Asian potentate and in the final play he only accepts the opponent’s daughter for the bet. Finally, he accepts and The Love Reaction takes the girl in a convertible, with the music on full blast and being chased by the whole bunch of Chinese boys, who have discovered that they have cheated on them. Scary.

The lp continues to shed gems of this caliber, one after another, all with the same characteristics that make them addictive, infectious riffs, a lot of rhythm and much more spree.

Also very remarkable is the hilarious version of Steppenwolf’s “Born to be wild” which, coming from afar, attacks us with a sack, a clean guitar and once again making fun of our voices.

We come to “Upside down”, another short speech that tells us this: “Where is the devil’s guide? We can find it in the terrifying bible. This song is dedicated to my heavenly majesty ”and engages directly with an open hand slap called“ Let´s break the law ”, at the rhythm of the Judas Priest introduces us to his world, to return to that hard rock that is his and compel us to break the rules, to travel on the wild side, not settle for anything and live to the fullest.

Finally the album runs through similar parameters, recalling the catchy chorus of “Drivin ‘on holy gasoline” or the quieter “Kid’s stuff”, to close with a kind of brief reminder of what happened in the previous 15 cuts.

In summary, we find one of the most successful and recommended tributes to macaroon and horny rock. If you put it together with other lps maybe it would fit between an AC / DC album and another one from GWAR and if you put it together with movies, it would inevitably go between “The Life of Brian” by the Monty Phytons and “Rogues at All Paces” by the Blues Brothers .

After this, the band achieved a certain popularity, heeling Guns N´ Roses or Alice Cooper and they released another quite commendable album, “Hoodlum Thunder”, which gives way a little to the attitude of this “Tattooed beat Messiah”, but which also It has huge choruses and sticky choruses, which allowed them to spin with Love / Hate.

Not long ago, we received news from him in a musical format, but nowhere near does he come close to this irrepressible monster of joking and calving in 1988.


Zodiac Mindwarp: voice
Cobalt Stargazer: guitar
Evil Bastard: guitar
Thrash D. Garbage: bass
Slam Thunderhide: battery