Zlatan Ibrahimovic gives PlayStation 5 consoles to AC Milan teammates

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Being famous and a multimillionaire doesn’t just help you sleep peacefully at night. It also gives you the opportunity to give expensive details to your colleagues and loved ones. As an example we have Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a Swedish striker for AC Milan, who gave away PlayStation 5 consoles to some of his teammates.

Recently, several AC Milan footballers such as Samu Castillejo, Mateo Musacchio and Rafael Leão, shared stories on Instagram in which they presume that they already have the PlayStation 5. The interesting thing is that they all tag Ibra and thank him for the gift.

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You can see the photos below:

It is worth mentioning that the 3 consoles are the PlayStation 5 edition with a disc player. So Ibra really spared no expense in pampering his teammates. Taking into account the price of the console, we estimate that $ 1,500 USD (something like $ 30,142.85 MXN at the current exchange rate) was spent on these gifts. It is surely little for him, but it is still a large number for many.

Nobody knows how Ibra got the 3 consoles

Without a doubt, the real question that many will have is, how did Zlatan manage to get so many PlayStation 5s? For various reasons, Sony’s next-gen console has been difficult to find in stores

That being said, Zlatan is a huge celebrity in the world of soccer. So it is possible that PlayStation got them the consoles as a publicity measure. You may also have gotten them in presale. We may never have the answer.

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