The expectation is maximum in the NBA before what it can offer Zion Williamson in the future, but it will also be the great attraction of this final phase of the season. The sensations conveyed by the New Orleans Pelicans in the games he was able to play after recovering from his injury were astonishing and hardly comparable to that of any other rookie, but both he and his environment strongly reaffirm his ability to play much better and deploy unimaginable abilities in a man of his physical conditions. The total player has reached the competition and does not want to postpone his final impact, struggling to get his team into the playoffs.

07/03/2020 02:07

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« I have felt the motivation, desire to learn and energy of a child. I went back to the starting point, relearned basic concepts adapting them to my physiognomy, I worked hard to bring my body to the state of form in which I wanted it to be. It was a process exciting and I feel that I have improved a lot, I feel like a new basketball player, « said a Zion who in the 19 games played, had averaged 23.6 points, 6.8 rebounds and 2.2 assists, becoming master and lord of painting. « From now on you are going to see unimaginable things in my game, » he said in words collected by ESPN.

His trainer, Alvin Gentry, shows some wonder and perplexity at the spectacular physical condition in which Zion has returned. « He has come a long way and I am clear that he has practiced a lot of outside shooting, for example. His stepfather has done a great job with him, he has returned in a better form than before quarantine, » said the Los Angeles coach. New Orleans Pelicans, referring to the man who is in the trigger after being involved in a legal controversy that could decentralize Zion Williamson from his game in the Orlando NBA bubble.

07/10/2020 01:07

Her stepfather has been found to receive $ 400,000 while Zion was playing at the University from a marketing agency. The sanction could be important.

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