Another scandal that puts even more in check the NCAA has jumped this Sunday, when the old agency that represented Zion Williamson He admitted that during the player’s college year, Zion’s mother and stepfather have demanded and accepted gifts, money, and other benefits from the brands. Adidas and Nike and Duke University, totally prohibited actions for a university player.

Zion had only one season at Duke, but he managed to be one of the best college players in history, an act that helped him be the first pick in the 2019 draft. After being chosen by the New Orleans Pelicans, Williamson sued Gina Ford and the Prime Sports agency to be able to end the representation and marketing contract that united them, but their response has been overwhelming.

According to Prime Sports, who has filed a counterclaim against Williamson for breaking the contract and is valued at $ 100 million, Zion’s mother, Sharonda Sampson and the player’s stepfather, Lee Anderson, “sued and received gifts and financial benefits from people who acted on behalf of Duke University to influence him and go to Duke University to play basketball. ”

The lawsuit further urges the Williamson family to accept guilt for “demanding and receiving gifts, money and other benefits from people who acted on behalf of Nike” and repeat the same accusation with Adidas. As if that were not enough, the lawsuit also includes the accusation of receiving benefits from an NBA certified agent before joining the NCAA and several other actions that are prohibited. It remains to be seen how justice will act and how much this may affect the career of the talented player.