Being involved in several trials to determine if a crime was committed during the university stage, should not be a dish of good taste for anyone and even less, for an elite athlete like Zion Williamson, who will face from today a month secluded in the Orlando bubble and assuming the role of great leader of the New Orleans Pelicans. The rookie star of the NBA He continues to fight in court against the many existing indications of having received money during his time in the Duke university, reaching to sign undercover advertising contracts, something totally prohibited and persecuted in the American university sport.

After taking a complaint about the signing of a contract with Ford, dismissed in a Florida appeals court, the problems are exacerbated just now, preparing to begin the final phase of the season in the NBA. And, as ESPN reported, it has been shown that his stepfather requested and collected a commission of $ 400,000 from a marketing agent in October 2018, just before Zion began to represent Duke’s colors. The agent in question is Slavko Duric, a very dark person who tried to trick Luka Doncic A while ago and which Zion’s lawyers are trying to discredit, pointing out that he forged the signatures of him and his environment.

However, there is another Los Angeles businessman involved, Donald kreiss, who would have acted through Duric as an intermediary to earn the management of Zion’s advertising rights when he was already aiming for a star. The statement of this one is the one that should worry Williamson the most since he acknowledges having made payments to the player, reaching an agreement to break all kinds of documentation that could prove it. The player’s lawyers insist that everything is a montage of these two people and that his client did not receive a dollar while he was a university player. The matter is rather murky and could greatly affect the concentration of the player, considering that he will be isolated and could reflect on how his career would be affected if he loses this trial. Zion Williamson He is in trouble and must find an ally in basketball to forget about a problem and, above all, a threat.