Zion & Lennox celebrating their 20 years with ‘El Sistema’

Twenty years is nothing for Zion & Lennox, especially if they are full of good music. The Puerto Rican duo celebrates two decades of experience with “El Sistema”, an album for which they brought together stellar guests such as Sech, Myke Towers, Rauw Alejandro and Natti Natasha.

“Super happy to be honest,” Lennox said in a video call interview from Miami. “Excited with all this that is happening with the urban genre that the whole world is infected, that we are all over the world.”

“We are making the most of everything by making good music, giving the public what they ask for,” he added. Zion, for his part, expressed that what they are most happy about is continuing to be current and producing popular songs.

“Consistency is the key,” he said. “Zion and Lennox have proven to be a consistent duo for over 20 years. It is a blessing to continue there in the public eye and to continue to be liked by all ”.

Their fourth studio album features previously released tracks that have already racked up millions of views with their YouTube videos. Among them are “No Me Llama” with Myke Towers, “Te movves” with Natti Natasha, “Gota Gota” with El Alfa and “Sistema”.

With the album they present the single “Estrella”, about a girl who looks very good when she dances, and its respective video filmed in the Dominican Republic.

In the clip, the duo appear in a mansion where, thanks to special effects, Zion sings and dances on the water of a swimming pool accompanied by girls in bikinis and white bathing suits. Lennox responds with other verses surrounded by girls in bathing suits and black bikinis.

“The video is spectacular,” Lennox said. “It has that essence of what Zion & Lennox is, it is very danceable, very sexy and tropical at the same time.”

We leave you the link so you can listen to this great song:

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