Zidane: “They were not excuses, it was evidence” | sports

The passage through Pamplona last weekend showed a Zinedine Zidane out of temper as he has rarely been seen in his time as a coach. His words after the draw (0-0) in a very poor offensive match for Madrid – “it was not a football game, it should have been suspended”, he claimed in El Sadar – they continue to be the background music that surrounds the Whites in the preview of the semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup this Thursday against Athletic (21.00, Movistar) in Malaga. The French coach, who recalled twice during the press conference at La Rosaleda that they had been away from home for four days, insisted that he did not want to talk about the issue, but he did not qualify his complaint either. On the contrary, it was reaffirmed in it: “They are not excuses, it was evidence,” he warned.

The noise had increased again a few hours earlier due to a statement by Javier Tebas in which he charged Zizou. “I don’t know what information he had. I have seen so many excuses that the coaches have given when the games have not gone well that this will be one more, “said the LaLiga president, who also raised his criticism of the club’s management. “The version that Madrid has given me has bothered me. I will call you [a Florentino Pérez] because I’m not happy at all with what happened behind. On Friday afternoon I spoke with their CEO more than 14 times. I told him that if he saw the boys very nervous, the best thing to do was to go back to the Ciudad Deportiva and try to travel the next day, and he said no, “Tebas said on TVE. “If Aena were to say that there is no possibility of taking off, Real Madrid would not have taken off. The final decision to travel is made by Real Madrid ”, he stressed.

“I do not care. I said what I said, what I was thinking at the time. I’m not going to get involved. Final point ”, Zidane settled. Modric was also asked a lot about this matter and pointed out, without much desire to elaborate on it, that nobody in the white dressing room “looked for excuses for the result.” Along these lines were the Kroos demonstrations on the Pamplona grass, but not those of Courtois, who accused LaLiga of treating them “like puppets.”

Modric’s renewal: “It’s going well”

Interest with Modric turned more on his future, with a contract that ends in six months and pending renewal. “It is going in the right direction. I’m happy with the way things are going, ”he announced concise and clear. “I can still continue at this level for a few years. I keep doing the same, I haven’t changed anything in particular. I work a lot outside of training with the club and I have the same desire to compete. I want to show that the years are not a problem, the important thing is what you show in the field, “he said.

He is one of the fixtures in the line-ups (starting 19 of Madrid’s 24 games), especially since December, when Zidane cut his rotations and decided to shoot almost daily with the same group of 13-14 players. “I don’t see any reason not to physically hold the level. The coach has chosen to use a block of players, but he will give opportunities to all and then it will depend on the performance of each one when we have to play. He will do the rotations when he thinks it is the best moment ”, concluded the midfielder.