Zidane could leave Madrid to get to Juventus

After Real Madrid’s victory over Liverpool, Zinedine Zidane surprised everyone by speaking highly of Italy and Juventus, where he stated that he holds those memories in his heart with great affection. After the statements, speculation about a possible future in Turin began to increase.

Juventus’ season has been very negative. After the unexpected elimination in the Champions League and the poor performance in the league, the ‘vecchia signora’ is considering restructuring its squad for next season, but for this they will need a coach to take the helm.

With Pirlo’s poor performance, the possibility that Zidane will return grows. In fact, Juve knows that Zizou will arrive at any time due to the history that links him to the club, in addition the Bianconera board of directors believes in the qualities of the French as a strategist.

Despite that, and thanks to the victory against Napoli led by Cristiano Ronaldo, Pirlo may be a little calmer since he won a match against a direct rival to get into the Champions League positions.

However, there are still games ahead and Juventus must get a place in the next edition of the Champions League, so Pirlo is not guaranteed his place. And in the event of a departure from the Italian, the most important options that sound are those of Allegri and that of Zidane himself.

The only apparent problem that would prevent Zidane from returning to Juventus is the wage gap between what Zidane currently earns and what he would be willing to earn relative to Juve’s financial ability to offer him a contract.

But in case this ends up being carried out, Zidane would have an important and very hard task, because will have to restore to Juventus the competitiveness lost this season and the great goal that it has been yearning for for several seasons: Obtain a UEFA Champions League title; a specialty of the French technician.