Zidane coach of the Blues, it’s obvious

Even Didier Deschamps admits it: he can imagine Zinedine Zidane succeeding him at the head of the France team.

One day or another, Zinedine Zidane will no longer be the coach of Real Madrid. Whether in a few weeks, if the difficulties of the Merengues are confirmed, or in a few months or a few years, “ZZ” will eventually pass the hand in the White House. Therefore, unless he decides to move away from the world of football, the former playmaker will have to find a new position, a challenge to his measure. Which will not be obvious, because we are talking about a coach who started from the top, winning three Champions Leagues in a row with Real.

However, there is one track that is self-evident: the France team. This was confirmed by Grégory Schneider, the journalist for Liberation, this week in the program L’Equipe du Soir. “Zidane, I know more or less what his medium-term plan is,” he explained. The idea was to go to the end of the season and stop. That, if he’s master of his timing, that’s what he does. The idea is to go to the end, wait 18 months and take the Blues after Qatar (the 2022 World Cup). That’s pretty much what’s in his head. “

“Zizou, it’s Zizou”

“It’s pretty much in the natural order of things, had recently confided Philippe Tournon, the former press secretary of the Blues. What he did at Real with two league titles and three European Cups, jackpot, it’s huge. Noël Le Graët has it in the back of his mind. The president of the FFF has also never hidden. “The day Didier leaves, decides to leave or will not be renewed, if Zidane is available, he will be the man for the job”, has already declared the boss of the Fed.

And if ever Le Graët wanted to seek Deschamps’ opinion, he would be “obviously” favorable. Asked about the possibility of seeing his former partner in Blue succeed him, “DD” was clear. “Yes, I know it’s going to be picked up again, but it’s reality,” Deschamps told BFM TV. From the moment he decided to be a coach and that he is a club coach, that he can come full circle… Him like all the former players… Perhaps even more him because even in our generation, he there were all the players I was part of… and Zizou. It has never been a problem for me. Zizou is Zizou. He was part of the group with us. It was a decisive element. But afterwards, with all that it can bring in terms of notoriety… Zizou, it’s Zizou. “

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