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Real Madrid is already waiting for its first ‘signing’: Zidane asked for it back

Miguel Machado

August 12, 2020, 02:47 p.m.

Odegaard said goodbye to Real Sociedad and will return to the white club, owner of his rights.

The Real Madrid player Martin Odegaard said goodbye this Wednesday, through the accounts that Real Sociedad has on social networks, of the fans of San Sebastián, to which he assured that during the year of stay in the city they had made him feel « one more youth squad ».

« It has been an unforgettable year for me and here I have lived great moments with this shirt », were the last words of the former Real player, who will begin a new stage at the white club after Zinedine Zidane claimed him for the next Madrid project.

He recognized how fruitful this brief stage in the San Sebastian capital has been for him and said that his best memories are the first goal he scored and the qualifications for the Cup final and for the Europa League, in a year in which he has given a momentum that can be defining in your career. Odegaard thanked the club for « the trust » they placed in him « from the presentation » and his teammates and coaching staff for having « helped him to be better day after day. »

« The time has come to say goodbye but here you have a ‘txuriurdin’ forever, » emphasized the Norwegian footballer who ended his speech, in the video released by the club, with a « agur eta aupa Erreala (goodbye and up with Real) » .