The French Zinedine Zidane He has been accused of being more motivating than technical, that he is more manager than strategist. This video could throw out that theory.

At halftime of the game before the Liverpool, the end of the Champions League Held in Kiev on May 26, 2018, two years ago, Zidane gave key indications for the 3-1 win over the Reds.

The French asked to play along, take advantage of the fact that the English team pressed them at the start and thus send the ball to the arrivals of Marcelo and Isco.

“Only one, two or three things for us, especially when we have the ball. They want to press and they play us on edge, they are not very good at it and they like to press,” said the coach.

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And he gave the remedy: “What we have to do is play head-on and jump the line, because when we jump the line from Sergio to Marcelo and from Marcelo to Karim, we do a lot of damage there … What I want is .. Isco, a little higher and to the right, behind the three and between the lines, because we do it to the left with Marcelo, with Cristiano, with Karim “.

He praised the team’s defensive work, “defensively, all very well. The only thing is to believe more offensively, because in the first ten minutes we hurt them. We calm down. We continue in our line.”

In the video, players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos are also heard motivating their teammates: “Come on, people, we have them there,” Ramos shouted, while CR7 proclaimed: “With confidence, not confident.”

Madrid would win their thirteenth Champions League with goals from Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale (2) in what would be Cristiano Ronaldo’s last match with the meringues.