The Valencian Zhua are presented in partnership with this “Macabre Vodevil” by Maldito Records. Javier Salón on drums, Oscar Landete on bass, José Abad on guitars and David Landete on bass are launched behind the alternative rock label to define the sound of this handful of songs. A complicated term that of alternative rock because of the wide path capable of encompassing and the simplicity of its use when it is not sure where to align a band or album in question. So it is best to press play and let Zhua speak through his songs. The album opens with “Principio del caos” and the first thing you notice is the importance of the bass as well as the melodic tone that the voice adopts, promoting a tense calm. “A very funny guy” hides under a burlesque tone giving great importance to the melody and an intricate rhythmic base. “Smile” is an effective half time. “Nobody can love you” maintains that intimate tone alternating with the injection of strength that the guitar gives it and the strong message of its lyrics.

“Oda a la ira” boasts more rock guitars with that marked riff until the entrance of the voice lines that give a dramatic touch and where the bass becomes the protagonist again. “Macabre vaudeville” is one of my favorites on the album. Melodies that are assimilated to the first and musically very enveloping. Zhua take great care of the lyrics in which with a critical eye they relate what surrounds us both from near and far. “Voodoo” is another one that stands out on this album. Dark in tone, guitars in the foreground. “Noche en París” adopts a pop air adorned with excellent guitar work. “Fear” adds a plus of strength and is another of the songs that stands out on this album. They leave for the end “Tales of love and confusion” of all casual, with a preponderant bass and powerful guitars. A good album this one from Zhua, with some ups and downs typical of a debut album but that reveals a group without fear of betting on its proposal and capable of offering good songs.