Zhang, Namajunas and a fight to ‘settle accounts of the past’

The fight between Weili Zhang and Rose Namajunas is very interesting from a sporting point of view. The lawsuit is a challenge for the Chinese, and it is that only Joanna Jedrzejczyk, whom she defeated in her last fight, has managed to add more than one defense at the UFC strawweight. The lawsuit is expected to be very even and attractive, but everything has gone into the background after the applicant’s statements. Rose, an American of Lithuanian origin, does not usually speak this way, which is why it is more surprising.

“Better dead than red,” he said in an interview for a Lithuanian media. In addition, he placed the lawsuit as a kind of duel between “American freedom” and “Chinese communism.”. No doubt explosive words that soon went viral. Zhang, for his part, did not want to enter the game. “Let me tell you the truth. We have not paid attention. It was like seeing it, but not feeling it. That soap opera is happening, but we are not part of it. We are focused on the fight. It has not even been a topic of conversation for the team, “he replied. Despite this, the topic is inevitable and will surely heat up the previous hours.

Outside of that, focusing on sports, Zhang arrives as a favorite. She fulminated Andrade to be champion and later she took one of the fights of the year against Joanna, who deserved more. Now you have the opportunity to strike the table and endorse your legacy. The victory would be, since it would add three former champions in title fights. For its part, Namajunas seems more plugged than ever. He wanted to withdraw the after KO that Andrade gave him, but more than a year later he took revenge. Now measure the new champion in a suit that will be very showy. Zhang picks up his pace and most of his wins have come via KO (48%). Rose is unpredictable, he can surprise in any facet, but the ground is his terrain (60% of wins by submission). Both know how to adapt, so equality will be the key. Any mistake will be the key. In lawsuits like this they are not allowed.

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