Zero draw between Pachuca and Cruz Azul in the first semifinal tie

05/20/2021 at 05:45 CEST

The first leg of the semifinal began with a draw for him Pachuca and the Blue Cross, who tied the first game of the competition held this Thursday at the Miguel Hidalgo Stadium. During the previous phase of the Liga MX de Clausura, the local team eliminated the Saint Louis; the capital team managed to defeat the Tijuana. With this result, the Pachuca missed the field advantage in the Liga MX de Clausura tie, which will have to be resolved at the stadium of the Blue Cross.

During the first part of the match, none of the players managed to score a goal, so during the first 45 minutes the scoreboard did not move from the initial 0-0.

In the second part neither the Pachuca neither him Blue Cross they managed to realize the opportunities in front of the goal and the clash ended 0-0.

During the match changes were made to both teams. The players of the Pachuca who entered the game were Mauro quiroga, Antonio Figueroa, Victor guzman, Jorge Hernandez Y Matías Catalan replacing Roberto de la rosa, Romario Ibarra, Felipe Pardo, Luis Chavez Y Kevin Alvarez, while changes in the Blue Cross They were Orbelín Pineda, Brayan Angulo, Juan Escobar, Walter Montoya Y Santiago Gimenez, who entered to supply Roberto Alvarado, Guillermo Fernandez, Luis Romo, Yoshimar Yotun Y Jonathan Rodriguez.

In the match the referee showed a yellow card to the visiting team. Specifically, he showed a yellow card to Jonathan Rodriguez.

On May 23 we will know who will qualify: it will be decided in the return leg that will face both teams again at the stadium of the Blue Cross.

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