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Horizon Forbidden West was one of the big announcements at the PlayStation 5 presentation. The sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn is already reality and will arrive sometime next year.

The first installment had a very good reception, largely thanks to its engaging world and narrative. We owe this work to John Gonzalez, a writer who joined Guerrilla Games in September 2013.

The creative is looking for a new step in his career, as we recently learned that he left his position in the Sony studio. Now he will be creative director of an AAA project that sounds quite striking.

John Gonzalez left Guerrilla, but already works in another studio

John Gonzalez’s LinkedIn profile (via Push Square) accounts for his successful stint at Guerrilla Games. The creative was instrumental in creating Horizon’s attractive lore: Zero Dawn.

Gonzalez created the story of the game, its main characters, collaborated on design issues and wrote 90% of the script for the first installment. To make matters worse, he helped other writers who participated in the development as an editor.

His profile reveals that the writer is also responsible for the story and main characters of Horizon Forbidden West. He worked with various departments to seamlessly unite the narrative and the gameplay. He also assisted in the creation of new tribes and key locations for the sequel.

After 6 years and 10 months, Gonzalez left Guerrilla Games in June of this year. Fortunately, Gonzalez will not leave the industry, having already joined a new studio based in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The profile does not reveal which study it is, but it is a fact that it is a company that will develop an AAA project. Gonzalez notes that this is an open world IP. Sources suggest that this is the Smilegate study, but there is nothing confirmed.

Everything indicates that Gonzalez’s departure will not affect the development of Horizon Forbidden West, since apparently the writer left all his work complete.

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Horizon Forbidden West is coming to PlayStation 5 in 2021. Find all the news related to the sequel at this link.