Last week players were faced with the challenge of defeating over 1,000,000 Zeraora in Pokémon Sword and Shield, a figure that, although it seemed very high, was achieved with some ease. Thus, thanks to their collaboration, this large number of creatures managed to fall and, therefore, the time has come for the reward, since we can get the shiny version of Zeraora through Pokémon Home, the mobile device and Nintendo Switch application that allows us to store the monsters of the eighth generation in the cloud, as long as we get one of their different subscriptions (although this is not necessary to receive the event Pokémon).

We can already get Zeraora shiny through Pokémon Home

The Zeraora shiny event is now available in Pokémon Home, so getting hold of it is more than simple. For this, the first thing is that we must have transferred a creature of Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield to the application and, once this is done, the option to receive the event will be activated. Next, we need to head over to the Mysterious Gift section before July 7 and greet the creature, but keeping in mind that we need at least one slot in the Home boxes (if we don’t have a subscription, make sure the free box is not complete). In addition, we can also get a code that, after entering it in the games of the eighth generation, will provide us with 8 pieces of duralium, a very precious asset for those who have acquired the expansion pass.

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In this way, now is the first time that we can legally do with the shiny form of Zeraora. And you, have you already claimed it? Don’t miss it!

Source: Pokémon Home