Alfonso Reyes does not cut a hair and again attacked the hoaxes and the disinformation that the left of Spain is causing. Fernando Simón has been awarded the Emilio Castelar 2020 award for his work in the fight against the coronavirus, something that has caused the mockery of the former Spanish basketball international.

«The anecdote told by the mother of Arvidas Sabonis is curious. In the delivery room and seeing the newborn, the award-winning gynecologist of the nomenklatura, Fernandas Simonas, snapped at the newly born: ‘Madam, I am sorry to inform you that, at most, your son will reach 1.60 meters tall’« Alfonso Reyes said wryly about the best Lithuanian player of all time, who is 2.21.

Fernandas Simonas was the name that Alfonso Reyes names Fernando Simón with. The Emilio Castelar Prize, which is curiously awarded by the Progresistas de España association, praises the work of someone who said that at most it would affect a dozen people when the pandemic has taken more than 28,000 lives, according to dubious government data.

Alfonso Reyes, who passed the coronavirus, has been very critical of the government throughout the pandemic. The center has been attacked by the radical left for putting his idols in their place. Will Alfonso Reyes buy a Fernando Simón shirt?