Pokémon Sword and Shield they still have some other secret (voices and already officially presented) different from the expansion pass, and that is that Zarude It will be the first event creature to be dealt in these eighth generation games. In Spain it has not been revealed yet how we will have access to it, but in Japan a code will be distributed along with the cinema tickets of the next film in the franchise, so now comes a new short trailer from the land of the rising sun in which we can see how this creature makes use of its special movement.

This is how «Jungle Cure» works, the special move of Zarude, of Pokémon Sword and Shield

Once Zarude reaches level 90, he will then learn « Jungle Cure, » a special and exclusive move that only he can use. Thus, this plant-like movement will make you use the roots around you to absorb the energy of nature and later release them along with your own. In this way, a healing power will sweep across the area and heal both Zarude and allies, when it comes to the health bar, but also when it comes to altered states. What is not complicated? Or have you become a bit involved with the mechanics of this movement? Well that has a solution! Now we have received a new Japanese trailer that shows us this attack in action, in order to take full advantage of it in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

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In this way, it is more than clear to us that the arrival of Zarude is just around the corner, at least to the Japanese versions of the games, but surely in our territory we do not have to wait much longer to get hold of this creature. singular.