The Italian suffered a handbike accident on June 19

Yesterday he underwent a second neurological operation

Alex Zanardi remains in a delicate situation after the accident suffered on ‘handbike’. The Italian is “stable” in gravity and remains in the Intensive Care Unit after undergoing a second neurological operation.

The Paralympic driver and medalist suffered an accident in which a truck was involved while competing in one of the stages of the Obiettivo Tricolore relay test, in which Paralympic athletes usually participate.

As a consequence of the accident, Zanardi suffered multiple traumas and was evacuated by helicopter to the nearest hospital, the Santa Maria alle Scotte, in Siena. There he was immediately subjected to a “delicate neurosurgery” that lasted about three hours.

After ten days in hospital, yesterday it emerged that the Italian would need a second operation, which was successfully completed in two and a half hours.

Today, the hospital has spoken with a statement, in which they admit that Alex remains in the ICU, in stable conditions in neurological terms, although his condition “remains serious.”

“The patient, around 24 hours after the operation, presents stationary clinical conditions and a stable course from a neurological point of view,” reads the hospital statement.

“Alex Zanardi is hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit, where he remains sedated and intubated, and the prognosis remains confidential,” they add from Santa Maria alle Scotte.

Confidentiality has been required by the Italian pilot’s family and, according to the hospital, they will not provide information about his health again unless there are major changes.

“According to the family, no other medical bulletins will be issued in the absence of significant events,” the statement added to conclude.

It should be remembered that Zanardi was the CART champion in 1997 and 1998, as well as a Formula 1 driver for several teams, including Jordan or Williams. Later he became a legend of the Paralympic sport with gold medals in London and Rio de Janeiro.

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