Zamia Fandiño will give life to a very ‘modern’ weeping woman

For her, representing a legend was a responsibility to try to convey a bit of Latino popular culture.

“La Llorona is very famous, she is a legend that we all know, so being in a project like this is very exciting, because it is a legend that represents us in a certain cultural way, although many countries share this legend, it is a possibility to show it. to a new culture such as the Canadian one, ”said Zamia.

For the actress it was also a challenge to be able to detach from the character, because she even had some panic attacks during the filming due to the energy so strong that he managed to connect with her.

“I had several panic attacks, one day I opened the camper and I felt a lot of despair because I felt the energy of the character so strong that it was generating a lot of anguish, I lived the terror very strong because the character is a character with a lot of sadness, it was a very strong experience ”.

Zamia Fandiño
(Zamia Fandiño)

Zamia assures that the most important thing in this new version is to give the opportunity to a feminine vision of the events, since she managed to understand the character from a much more human perspective and as a woman.

“Being able to understand her as a woman is a very Canadian vision, completely taken to the horror genre, it is a very original version but it does not lose the essence of what it is, personally it was a great job to understand it, because it is a vision also very feminine in the story, having a female director, “he added.

“What connects with me is a loss, and the madness that leads a little but behind love, because what she wanted was to retain a man. Women are life givers, so that is something very magical that leads to a duality, she was able to create life and at the same time destroy her own creation ”, she assured.

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