Zak Brown has fun with Sainz’s Ford Escort WRC

The McLaren director has tested the 1997 car of the two-time Spanish champion

That year Carlos was third in the World Cup and won in Acropolis and Indonesia

McLaren CEO Zak Brown has ditched his shirt and tie and donned overalls to drive Carlos Sainz’s 1997 WRC Ford Escort. The American has enjoyed like a child at the wheel of one of his friend’s great cars.

Brown rode through Welsh territory with Extreme E driver Catie Munnings as co-driver. Zak has ended his introduction to the Ford Escort with a smile, although he admits that he has not been as fast as Carlos Sainz.

« What a car! An absolutely incredible experience to drive a World Rally Championship Ford Escort with Catie Munnings in the passenger seat. I have not been as fast as Carlos Sainz so far, but maybe I can have a career in the Rally world. in the future, « commented Brown on his Twitter account.

For his part, the two-time World Rally champion has responded to the publication of his son’s boss and recalled that it is never too late to fulfill his dream of winning the WRC, as a sign of encouragement towards Zak.

« That car is familiar to me, perhaps we are in front of a future World Rally champion », Carlos Sainz ironically rethinks.


Carlos Sainz was a Ford driver for seven seasons – including his first two years of part-time class debut in 1987 and 1988 – in the World Rally Championship. The Spaniard, along with Luis Moya, achieved five victories with the North American brand.

The friendship between Brown and Sainz has a long history. Last year we could see Carlos father and son with Zak in Navarra on a fun day, in which they drove a V8 Supercar and a Formula 5000.

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