Zack Snyder would be interested in directing a Rick and Morty film – The Chihuahua News – Between the lines

Zack Snyder wants to go back into the world of animation. After confessing that he would like to direct the real image version of Dragon Ball, now the director of Justice League and Army of the Dead has declared that he would not say no to a Rick and Morty movie either.

While appearing on The Film Junkee Vodka Stream, Snyder discussed the possibility of changing the record and performing what would be his first comedy. “Making a movie about Rick and Morty would probably be the closest thing to it,” he said. He then revealed that he suggested directing a short live-action sequence for the end of one of the Adult Swim series episodes.

It would be curious to see how the director of Batman v Superman unfolds in comedy, as well as seeing Rick and Morty turned into flesh and blood characters. Although there are currently no plans for a film adaptation, Scott Marder, one of the scriptwriters and producers of the fiction, has already stated that he believed there was potential for a version for the big screen.

“I think it will happen, I trust it. It would be overwhelming, “he said in an interview for GamesRadar. For now, it’s time to enjoy the fifth season, which has already begun to air on TNT and HBO.

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