Zack Snyder thinks Christopher Nolan is a genius and says they respect each other

Friendships between directors are not strange. The nature of the industry in Hollywood, perhaps now more than ever with the obsession with interconnected franchises, has given way to getting to know each other. A very interesting one may be the one between Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan. In a new interview, the former has revealed that he has a lot of admiration for the latter and that they frequently show each other their films before releasing them to the public.

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In a chat with the Straight Up podcast, the director Zack snyder was asked whether he had ever received advice from Christopher Nolan after he saw one of his movies. Zack Snyder’s Justice League filmmaker – 82% explained that it has never been like this, their relationship is more that of two artists who respect each other and who show their work to enjoy them, as fans more than anything else. This said:

No, it’s really cool what we do with each other. Basically when he showed him the movie he’s like ‘ok it’s done now, just enjoy it’. He always says that to me, really, when I watch Tenet or any other movie of his, I want to see the movie and just watch it. The last thing I would like to do with Chris, who is a genius of course, is give him my two cents. It’s actually quite liberating to be able to say ‘ok, just put your movie on because I want my head to explode’.

The two have known each other since the production of Man of Steel – 55%, the first DCEU movie that Snyder started. Nolan, who had already finished his Batman trilogy, served as producer on that title. The influence that his work with the bat had on the version of Superman that Henry Cavill ended up playing is clear. Curiously, the result was not the same according to the critics, who have almost always been unfavorable to the work of that director.

That is also why the friendship between the two is so interesting. Nolan has, almost always, had criticism on his side. His films are credited with giving high-budget productions the intention of having an intellectual dimension beyond the visual spectacle. It is the pretense, and the failure in its attempt, of the cinema of Snyder to imitate that depth that Nolan gave to the genre, particularly with Batman: The Dark Knight – 94%, which many critics beat about his work.

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Although remarkably they have developed in different contexts and have great similarities. For example, almost all of Nolan’s films are original ideas that he has almost always developed with the same writers, including his brother Jonathan Nolan, while Snyder has almost entirely devoted himself to adapting other formats. Similarly, the WB studio gives carte blanche to the former while, famously, it has tried to strictly control the work of the latter.

For now, fans of both will have to wait a while to see what’s next in their careers. Nolan doesn’t have any projects in development yet and is known to be upset with WB for their decision to release the movies they had planned for 2021 in theaters and streaming. Snyder, on the other hand, has found a friendly home on Netflix where he released this one. summer The army of the dead – 78%, a film that produced a prequel and is developing an anime series.

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