Zack Snyder talks about his relationship with Christopher Nolan

Director Zack Snyder talks about whether Christopher Nolan has given him notes for any of his DC Comics movies.

After the dark knight trilogy from Christopher Nolan (2005, 2008 and 2012) and the failed Green Lantern (2011), a new era began in Dc comics, as Zack snyder premiere The Man of Steel (2013) and as Nolan served as executive producer, the normal thing is that he would have had a lot of influence on that film.

The name of Christopher Nolan is also attached to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and League of Justice (2021). He is also one of those responsible for Zack snyder did not see the version of League of Justice from Joss Whedon so as not to damage his vision that they finally released a few years later in HBO Max. This shows that they are good friends.

Now the director has revealed if Christopher Nolan has influenced him in his films:

“Not. There is something really cool that we do with each other. Basically, when I show him the movie, I say: Okay, so the movie is ready, enjoy it, “Zack Snyder explained. “He always tells me the truth. Every time I watch Tenet or every time I see a movie of his, which, by the way, is better… I want to see the movie and just watch it ”.

“The last thing I want to do with Chris, and Chris is a genius, of course, the last thing I have to do is have my two cents and, in fact, it’s really liberating to be able to say: Okay, show me your movie because I want you to. blow your head off ”.

Checking his filmographies, it must be recognized that Zack snyder Y Christopher Nolan are very different. But if they are similar in anything, it is that they have a legion of fans who will always support their productions. Now, we are at a time when both must announce their next projects, which are sure to be an immediate success.

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