Zack Snyder says Justice League 2 would have a major focus on Lois’s baby

At four hours long, Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82% managed to further develop the place of each of the characters and their worlds. Audiences had the opportunity to see the Amazon warriors fight to keep the mother box in their custody safe, Atlantis dealing with Aquaman’s internal conflicts, Barry Allen’s daily life, and Cyborg’s life and grief.

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In addition, the public witnessed how each of the superheroes lived independently until they were reunited as a team. Of course, there was also the opportunity to see what other characters were going through, who were a fundamental part of the protagonists, such as Lois Lane (Amy Adams), for whom there are signs of a pregnancy that, although it seems obvious, is the director himself. who has confirmed it.

Thanks to a series of images belonging to Zack Snyder’s storyboard that were recently revealed, it became known that there were plans for two more sequels, Justice league 2 that was originally planned to launch in 2019 and the third installment in 2020 without taking into account all the conflict that there was around Justice League – 41%. These images showed part of what we would see in the sequels, some rescued for the Snyder Cut as the epilogue of Knightmare.

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Previously there were rumors about the future of Lois and Clark’s baby, who could become Bruce Wayne’s protégé and later become the new Batman. During an interview with It’s Gone Viral, the filmmaker was asked if Lois was really pregnant, but especially if he would be interested in continuing to work with the DC Extended Universe if Warner proposed it.

Once again, Snyder confirmed that “Lois is definitely pregnant,” however he delved a little deeper into the subject. In his words, Lois and Clark’s baby would have been one of the main focus points for the story.

The story of Lois’s son would be a big part of the story in the future. […] I think that [el embarazo] it’s like something you suppose happens. The way we solved it in this version was to mark a slight path. […] That story was resolved.

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On the other hand, on whether he would be interested in directing the sequels if Warner were to propose it, the director said that until now he has not heard from them, he does not know if they intend to give continuity to his universe, ensuring that he loves so much these characters and their universe that he would like to direct more about them, but it all depends on the company. So far the #RestoreTheSnyderVerse is still valid, and although Snyder does not believe that there will be another collaboration with Warner in the future, he has assured in other interviews that he will always support the movement out of respect for his followers.

At the moment Zack snyder He has focused his attention on new projects that are also part of another of his favorite subgenres which is that of the zombies with The Army of the Dead – 78%.

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