Zack Snyder Says He Likes Marvel And Couldn’t Improve His Movies

There is an eternal debate, or rather, an eternal rivalry, between fans of DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Throughout their history the two companies have been compared and with the emergence of the cinematographic universes, things did not change, it even seems that they were strengthened. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a highly successful franchise, while the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) has been fickle and even incongruous, but one of its most iconic directors and that has millions of fans despite its controversies is Zack Snyder (300 – 60%, Watchmen, The Watchers – 65%, The Man of Steel – 55%).

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Snyder was on everyone’s lips a few months ago when Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released – 82%, his cut from the movie that was a box office flop in 2016, and is now about to premiere on Netflix on The Army of the Dead – 78%, project announced in 2019. Now, the director calls attention again for his statements about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in two different interviews.

Before continuing, it is good to remember that it is not the first time that Snyder expresses that he likes Marvel movies, but memory is fragile and sometimes fans project their own tastes and / or rivalries onto those involved in their favorite companies. In a Guardian article where you could ask the director anything, a user identified as EchoEchoEchoEcho questioned him “if you had been in charge of Marvel movies, what would you have done differently?” And this was the filmmaker’s response:

Nothing. I could have changed them so that they might have made less money or been less loved. But from what they have created, I don’t know if there is a better way to do it.

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His words make a lot of sense, because despite the fact that he has many unconditional fans, his films have never been as successful at the box office, nor have they received a majority approval from the public or critics, as those of the Cinematographic Universe of Marvel. Snyder has a personal style that some admire and others see as superficial.

In a video posted a couple of days ago by Wired, we see the director answer the most Googled questions about him, and one of them was “Does Zack Snyder like Marvel?” and this was his response (via The Direct):

I like Marvel. I like Marvel movies and I like Marvel comics. Hulk has always been one of my favorites, always … and Iron Man. The answer is yes, I like Marvel.

There you have it, there is no reason to fight between fans if the artists of Marvel and DC can live together in peace. While this answer from Snyder seems very mature and sensible, we must remember that in 2015 he was heavily criticized when asked about Steven Spielberg’s opinion that superhero movies were going to go out of style, saying that Ant-Man: The Man Ant – 81% was just the “flavor of the week”, while Batman and Superman were momentous superheroes in pop culture. That statement brought him animosity from fans and actors Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.

Who knows what new projects the filmmaker has in mind, but it is almost certain that they will not be from DC Comics, since so far Warner Bros. has shown that it has no interest in continuing with its plans to have sequels of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. On the other hand, we know for a fact that it will work with Netflix in the universe of Army of the deadAs working with the streaming platform was a pleasure, the opposite of working with Warner Bros.

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