Zack Snyder said he banned chairs on the set of Army of the Dead

One of the main ideas of capitalism is that people go to their workplace to work and not to rest. The problem is that this idea implies forgetting that human beings need certain freedoms or they will not perform well. Not to mention that not all people are the same; some may have special needs. For example, someone with an injury may not be able to stand all the time.

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Just a year ago Christopher Nolan was accused of being a trainer when it was discovered that he does not like having chairs on his set. It was basically seen as a sign that the director doesn’t care about the well-being of the people who work with him. The director’s spokeswoman assured that it was all a misunderstanding. The interesting thing is that on that occasion it was learned from an interview with Anne Hathaway

For his part, Zack Snyder will not be able to argue something similar because he himself was the one who said that on his set of The Army of the Dead – 78% chairs were prohibited. Knowing the director, it is likely that he did not think about the consequences of having said something like that, but this is what he declared in an interview for the Fourth Wall podcast of The Playlist:

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No one could sit. I banned chairs on set. The good thing about it is that it was really intimate. I can talk to the actors right there. I wasn’t on a monitor across the room. It’s definitely the most purely involved I’ve ever been in a movie.

What is not clear from this statement is whether no one could sit or only the actors. For some people this would make a kind of difference, for others everyone should be able to sit during a recording It is very likely that when saying this he did not take into account that there are people who for health reasons or inherent to their being need to sit every so often . A prohibition of this nature is often interpreted as something capacitive for that reason. Besides that it could be considered as an exploitative practice in a completely capitalist sense; I mean, you don’t put chairs so your actors and the film crew can focus on doing their job. It sounds like a practice similar to timing yourself when you go to the bathroom or not allowing people to get up from their seats during office hours. It is very likely that this will generate some controversy and that in the next few days the director will have to clarify some things about his comment.

The controversy of Christopher Nolan It was due to this comment from Anne Hathaway in which he said the director bans chairs on his set to improve productivity:

Chris doesn’t allow chairs either. I worked with him twice. He does not allow chairs, and his reasoning is that if he has chairs people will sit, and if they are seated they are not working. I mean, he has these incredible movies in terms of scope and ambition, technical prowess and emotion. He always arrives at the end of the shoot with time on top and with a limited budget. I think it has something to do with the chairs

At the time, people and critics did not take it as a smart practice, but as the work of a person who just wants to exploit his employees. There were many who questioned Nolan’s ability to direct films. It is very likely that history will repeat itself, just wait for the first reactions until unfortunate comment.

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