Zack Snyder gets his own emoji for Army of the Dead premiere

Army of the Dead, Zack Snyder’s next film, is very close to celebrating its official launch on the Netflix platform and fans are already preparing for the majestic arrival. Through Twitter, the hashtag with the director’s name has become popular, which now includes an emoji thematic of his new film of the undead. Only someone who’s really popular gets their own emoji on Twitter, and it seems like Zack is now considered a great of entertainment. Not all filmmakers can boast such an achievement.

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After suffering the death of her daughter in March 2017, Zack he plunged into extensive mourning, staying with his family to better withstand the hard blow. But things had to move on and he soon agreed to work with Netflix to direct his next film under the zombie genre. The filmmaker told Insider in mid-April that Netflix treated him very, very well: “It was the most rewarding experience making this movie. This is the movie. There are no other cuts from her. I didn’t have to fight them. It was the opposite. “

Now, with the next release of Army of the dead, Twitter joins the celebrations with a skull emoji alongside the hashtag #ZackSnyder. The director’s previous films had already received emoji on the social network, but now we see that the Snyder has been included in the trend. Fans are already joining in the celebration for the upcoming premiere using the hashtags and noting the special emoji. After the difficult recent years in the life of the director, his loyal fans are willing to do anything to convert Army of the dead in everything a success of the Netflix catalog.

Army of the dead will introduce us to an outbreak of zombies in Las Vegas, when a group of mercenaries risk the most in the quarantine zone to carry out the biggest robbery ever attempted. In networks it is being commented that this zombie movie will not be like the others and that it could present something that would forever change the genre. Zack Snyder Will it exceed the expectations of the fans? The premiere of Army of the dead It is scheduled for May 21, that is, just under three weeks to be available on the Netflix platform.

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Zack snyder also recently presented his special court of League of Justice, a film that had been expected by fans of the Extended Universe. This installment became an absolute success on the HBO Max platform and even saturated the platforms on which it was available in other parts of the world. In Mexico it was available through Prime Video, Google Play and other services, becoming a trend in the territory and generating very positive reactions and all kinds of memes.

Even if Zack snyder has been through tough times, it is clear that he has a strong enough fan base to ensure the success of his films. His films may not be to everyone’s taste but time and again he has confirmed that he has his own style that distinguishes him and elevates him from other filmmakers. Will we see more brilliant movies in his future?

Here are a series of tweets that celebrate the emoji of Zack snyder Y Army of the dead.

#ZackSnyder and #ArmyOfTheDead being a trend is my happy place.

Zack Snyder has an emoji. We won.

I’m a #ZackSnyder fan since Sucker Punch! In fact, I used the film for a college paper on psychological constructs. Now I can’t wait to see #ArmyOfTheDead! I’m sure it will be a beautifully shot and surprisingly deep movie – a Zack classic!

#ZackSnyder is the first director I’ve seen to get his own emoji hashtag.

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