Zack Snyder explains how he convinced the studio to launch his Justice League

It turns out that Warner Bros. does pay attention to what fans are saying. It turns out that very shortly after the Justice League fiasco – 41%, executives called Zack Snyder to ask what kind of movie he had after the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign. Now the director talks about how they weren’t really sure they wanted to release their film until they saw the final cut.

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In an interview with Vanity Fair, the director Zack snyder He said it wasn’t until he explained what the movie would look like that they agreed to finish it. According to him, the first contact he had with the studio to possibly launch it was in 2019, on the anniversary of the launch of the version that was released in theaters, but at that time the plan was for the filmmaker’s version to be a rough cut, that is to say: no special effects, essentially unfinished.

I said ‘let me at least get together and tell you how I think the best version of this movie could be seen’. I went and introduced them to the idea of ​​finishing the movie right and Zack Snyder’s title Justice League and how we could do the marketing and what it would mean to the fans. Finally, they came to my house and saw it, no one had ever seen this version of the movie. They said ‘ok, we are inclined to do it’.

Apparently the executives hadn’t even been able to see Snyder’s initial cut before deciding to bring in Joss Whedon to wrap up his film in 2017. This just speaks more about how chaotic the studio structure must have been in those days and how surprising that this director was able to finish shooting most of his script before parting ways with the project after the death of his daughter.

Snyder also commented that he refused to release his film’s rough cut because he feared the studio would capitalize on his unfinished work, to appease DCEU fans who continued to call for its release. Finally, he even managed to have a few extra days of filming for new scenes and, thanks to the pandemic, he managed to finish the special effects much sooner than expected. All, he says, in reward for the fans who have raised half a million dollars for suicide prevention.

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The fan odyssey is not over. While Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82% was a success with them and with the critics, now they are demanding, through the #RestoreTheSnyderVerse, to reinstate the director at the head of the franchise and conclude his original plans for a trilogy of the superhero group. Both he and the new managers of the study have ruled out the possibility of this happening, but his audience does not know how to accept a negative as an answer.

Luckily for the filmmaker, the Snyder Cut hype seems to be translating into a lot of excitement for his next film, Army of the Dead as well – 78%, an action and zombie installment that already has plans to become a franchise, with a prequel and anime series already in development on Netflix, and that will arrive on the platform on May 21.

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