Zack Snyder and the voices of his animated series

Netflix publishes the voice cast of its animated series devised by Zack snyder.Peter stormare, Sylvia hoeks Y Stuart martin They are among the chosen. ‘Twilight of the gods‘will premiere on Netflix in 2021 at a date yet to be announced.

Zack snyder has returned to cruising speed. After the premieres of ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League‘ Y ‘Army of the dead‘, and the announcement of its various sequels, we began to know details about’Twilight of the gods‘, an animated series on Norse mythology produced and distributed by Netflix in which Snyder will sign as the co-creator and executive producer.

Jay Oliva, who has already worked with the director taking care of the storyboards of ‘The man of steel‘(2013),’Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘(2016) and’League of Justice‘(2017), will be the other main person in charge of the project, acting as showrunner, director and executive producer. Oliva has behind him animated hits like ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1‘(2012),’Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2‘(2013),’Justice League: The Paradox of Time‘(2013) or’Batman: Assault on Arkham‘ (2014).

This is the cast announced and, more importantly, the staff of the northern gods is confirmed as protagonists:

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Sylvia hoeks is Sigrid
Stuart martin it’s Leif
Pilou Asbæk it’s thor
John noble
it’s odin
Paterson joseph
it’s Loki
Rahul Kohli is Egill
Jamie clayton
is the Seid-Kona
Kristopher Hivju
is Andvari
Peter stormare is Ulfr
Jamie chung
is Hel
Lauren Cohan is Inge
Corey stoll is Hrafnkel

Deborah Snyder Y Wesley coller They will produce the series that will carry the Stone Quarry Animation imprint.

Netflix seems to have found a vein in animation, both Eastern and Western. With products like ‘Pacific rim‘,’Ghost in the shell‘or’Magic: The Gathering‘already in production, plus the purchase of essentials such as’Sakura, card hunter‘or’Neon Genesis Evangelion‘, paid subscription fans of the genre will have more than enough excuses to keep doing it.

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