While he may not be the most popular wrestling figure right now, there was a time when Zack Ryder was at the height of his popularity for himself from scratch in WWE, behind the scenes, until fans loved him. so much and wanted to see it. So much so, that the company was finally forced to push him into bigger stories. Unfortunately, his great careers at the company would never last long and although he would win the Tag Team Championship, the WWE Intercontinental Championship and the United States WWE Championship during his various opportunities with the company, sadly Ryder’s push never continued.

Now, after being fired from WWE, it looks like Zack Ryder could finally have a destiny he will be heading to after his time at the company as it looks like he could be heading to Impact Wrestling and that too with an old title he had made famous.

Zack Ryder could go to Impact Wrestling after WWE

Zack Ryder was one of the WWE superstars who were released from the company this April as part of cost reductions amid the pandemic. Zack Ryder had been a part of the company for over ten years and never received a steady push throughout all that time. Now, with his WWE time behind him, Zack Ryder is free to explore his options elsewhere and this could see him wind up in various places.

While many pointed out that Ryder might be on its way to AEW, everything seems to indicate that I may soon be able to reach Impact Wrestling at Slammyversary.

Zack Ryder shared an Instagram post reading, ‘July 18, 2020’. This seems to indicate that he is interested in heading to Impact Wrestling, which will host Slammiversary this year on July 18, 2020. On top of that, he was posing with the internet championship, which may be an indication of what’s to come.

There are already reports of other WWE Superstars also looking to join Impact Wrestling, with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson apparently signing a deal, and EC3 recently hinted at it. Now, Zack Ryder could be the last of the fired Superstars to address the company.

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