To build a winning project, you have to go through difficult times in which clinging to a hope for the future is the only balm to overcome the troubles of the present. He knows Chicago Bulls, who seems to have awakened from the lethargy in which he had been plunged for many years by making important changes in sports and executive management. Arturas Karnisovas will give a new air to a franchise that mortgaged its future to that of Derrick Rose, but who considers the time has come to rebuild something exciting around two players: Lauri Markkanen and Zach Lavine.

Especially significant is the case of the guard from the Timberwolves, who at 25 years of age has shown tremendous self-confidence in the first two seasons, garnering more than promising individual records. The big question is whether it could be the axis from which to return the “Windy City” to the fight for glory. The documentary The Last Dance It seems to have been a key element to make all levels of the franchise react and take advantage of the possibility of recovering that winning legacy. In an interview for Hoopshype, the good guy Zach lavine reflect on these issues with great honesty.

Assessment of your stay at the Bulls. “Being a leader requires experience and ups and downs. Last year I learned a lot and I think I am becoming a leader because of my ability to sacrifice on the court, for my hard work in training and for giving everything in every game. I have assumed responsibilities in the court, I feel like the best player so I have no excuses. I must continue to improve and be important in building a winning franchise. I feel like I can do it if I continue to gain experience and learn, “said the Renton native. “Since I came to the Bulls I knew I could improve my performance and I am doing it.”

Claim to be All-Star. “Both last year and, above all, this I think should have been chosen. That they did not take me into account has been a motivation to continue improving and I know that the only thing that matters in the NBA is to win. per game, if you can’t make your team a winner you won’t be valued. I consider myself an All-Star, but I have much more ambitious goals at the collective level. When we achieve them, I will be recognized as such, “declared a Lavine who is averaging this season 25.5 points, 4.8 rebounds and 4.2 assists, with a field shooting percentage of 45%, while in triples he is at a worthy 38%.

Opinion on The Last Dance and Michael Jordan as inspiration. “The documentary is being great, I sit for two hours in front of the television and it really excites me. He has always been my great idol, I saw many videos of his games, but there are things that I did not know. Both he and Kobe are the ones who made me play to this sport. Every time I watch an episode of the documentary I get a crazy desire to get back on the court, “said a man who, with his 25.5 points this season, is the player who scores the most on average in the Chicago Bulls since Jordan left. “Wow, I did not know that information. It helps to make it clear that I am doing well, but I know that no one will remember me for individual achievements like that. To build a legacy you have to have collective success and that is my goal,” he said. Zach lavine.