Zac Efron causes controversy and is criticized for being overweight | Instagram

American actor Zac Efron surprised all his followers by reappearing like never before, with overweight in a video, so it caused a great controversy and they have not stopped criticize him in social networks.

Zac Efron is considered like one of the sexiest celebrities for his face and toned body, but now he disappointed more than one by starting to circulate a series of images and a video where he looks like we have never seen before.

The actor He participated recently in the Youtube program, Hot ones, and its theme consists of interviews with renowned celebrities while they are eating wings with different sauces that are increasing in spiciness.

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During the video, Efron spoke about his career and what she has experienced, as well as the highlights of it.

Many followers of the actor began to criticize his weight gain, while others commented that it was only a possible oversight due to quarantine.

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As expected, Zac he did not hesitate to defend himself, so he responded to the strong criticism that is on social networks, where revealed his drastic decision announcing that it will not have the body it had before.

It was very important to do Baywatch because I realized, when I finished the film, that I never want to be in good shape again, “confessed the actor.

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That is how confessed how difficult it was to have that body he fell in love with millions of people, something that did not really make him enjoy life.

Really. It was very difficult. You hardly have room to get out of the routine. You have to worry about even the water you have in your body because it makes your ‘six pack’ become a ‘four pack’. Stupid things like that. “

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Obviously the efron broke many hearts with this revelation but it was also applauded by thousands of people since if he continued in that way later he could suffer from some mental illness.