Zac Efron and Netflix merge talents to create a docuserie | INSTAGRAM

The streaming platform and the movie heartthrob join forces to create “Zac Efron: down to earth”, a documentary series on healthy lifestyles.

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Today Neftlix releases the first season of the series that will have Zac as the protagonist, a project where we can follow the actor on his journey around the world, in the company of Darin Olien, an expert in the good of the human body.

They go in search of healthy and sustainable lifestyles, on their journey they will visit places like Iceland, England, France, Peru and Puerto Rico, “We need to start rethinking how we consume everything from our food to our energy. The change has to start somewhere, « says Efron in one of the teasers for » Down to Earth. « 

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This Netflix docuserie has to do with the change in life that Efron considered a few years ago when he decided to do a treatment to end his addiction with drugs and alcohol, in 2014 he first entered rehabilitation to leave cocaine and alcohol and a couple of years ago he began to practice more sports outdoors, as he lets us see on his social networks.

And as expected, that new lifestyle was also reflected in the projects he decided to perform. So this new project is presented as a series on rethinking the ways of consuming, from energy to food.

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However, it is also a series of trips around the world, it is a way of getting to know different countries and cultures while showing the eco-friendly initiatives that have been successful in those regions that are visited.

And, thanks to the advances that have been presented, it is shown that there will be some fun, because we will see Efron trying the most exotic gastronomy and knowing incredible landscapes that, of course, are also part of the appeal of this new series.

Collaborating with foundations such as Habitat For Humanity and Charity Water, this new project by Efron serves to raise awareness and make an impact on consumer habits. Food, water and energy are the basic products of modern life. We are going to meet some of the best green innovators to see how change is an inside job. ”