Yuri shows the funniest video of her smallest fan for her Instagram followers | INSTAGRAM

The Mexican singer is delighted with the clips shared by her fans.

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Singer, actress and host, originally from the state of Veracruz, Yuri, has always been noted for her wonderful voice, her emblematic songs and her iconic musical shows full of an impressive production, added to her impeccable performances.

He is also known for his outgoing personality and unmatched sympathy, both virtues that his ardent fans have long praised and thanked him for.

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However, this time it was Yuri herself who thanked her fans, because on her official Instagram account she shared a small video clip of who apparently is her youngest fan.

Said video shows us the recording of what appears to be a surveillance camera in a baby’s room, although the image is slightly blurred and with the black and white filter, the action of the little one is highlighted, which caused a great surprise for the singer and it was for this reason that she decided to share it with all of us.

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We can appreciate the little baby of just 2 years old, interpreting one of the hits of the jarocha, the child is lying in his crib, while playing with one of his toys that he has inside it, at the same time that he sings the Yuri’s song “What’s wrong”.

Such was the pleasure of the singer that, while publishing the aforementioned clip, she wrote a few words of thanks to her beloved audience: “Thank you, eternal father for having. The privilege of seeing and listening to the 4th generation of those who love my music. This little boy is 2 years old and What’s wrong with you, is his lullaby, his name is Matías wow, what a thrill to have fans at that age ”.

The publication quickly reached more than 40 thousand reproductions, likewise, many friends of the famous, and his own followers were fascinated by the action of the little one and between laughter and surprises they filled the comment box.