Yuri confesses that one of the sequels left by the Covid was diarrhea, he pooped anywhere

The Veracruz singer Yuri explained in great detail the fatal consequences that the coronavirus left him, to the extent that he lived shameful moments.

In fact, he had long ago said that he lost his hair to the disease, but now He confessed that he had such serious consequences who had an accident with his wardrobe while filming a music video and she was forced to wear a diaper because she had diarrhea.

In December I had a lot of diarrhea, I pooped wherever I fell. During the filming of my last video they lent me a divine versachazo (Versace) and I did poop. They had to wash it. The guys from the filming told me ‘ma’am, what happened to you? Daddy, I have sequelae from Covid. ‘ I had to put on a diaper”, Revealed in an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda.

Yuri confessed that they were very uncomfortable moments, since he had to leave because he had unremovable work commitments and this problem did not allow him to make his life normal.

Another of the havoc it has to this day is memory loss, because sometimes you forget things.

“The aftermath made me very ugly, I forget things a lot, the cassette is erased very ugly, “he said.

Similarly, he indicated that he sometimes suffered from “tremors”, something that could be translated as muscle spasms or moments where it trembles uncontrollably. Fortunately, both seem to have them under control.

“I get some tremors (tremors), I had terrible anxiety attacks at 6 in the morning, with a few tachycardias. Many anxieties, “he said.

He finally clarified that is in the process of recovery and under medical treatment taking some vitamins that a dermatologist prescribed and although the process is long, she is happy because she has already begun to see the first results.

“I am taking some spectacular vitamins that my dermatologist gave me, because the virus sucks all the vitamins you can have, but thank God I see that this is happening,” he said.

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