You’ve been squeezing the wrong lemon your whole life: TikTok teaches you how to do it | Life

Getting all the juice out of the lemon is a more complicated task than it seems and you have been squeezing it badly all your life. TikTok teaches you how to do it.

There are many things that we do wrong without knowing it. We learn to do them in one way and in our environment everyone does them the same, so we continue to do them in the same way without questioning whether it is the most appropriate method.

The way to squeeze the lemon is a good example of this. The traditional way is to use the juicer, although this method is not the fastest and most convenient in the kitchen.

If you are used to moving between stoves, surely you know the manual press, a very simple tool with which it is possible to extract the lemon juice with a quick gesture. In Amazon you can find options from 5.99 euros.

If you know the manual lemon squeezer, chances are you are using it wrong. Most people cut the lemon, place it in the cavity with the pulp side facing up, and then squeeze to extract the juice.

Thanks to TikTok we have discovered that this is not the most appropriate way to get all the juice. The user @boomtisca shared a trick that allows you to get all the juice using this same tool. It is very simple to put into practice and many users of the platform say that it has changed their lives.

As you can see below in the video, all you have to do is cut the back of the lemon. By eliminating this part, the juice comes out more easily and the lemon is better squeezed. In another video he shows that this way you can get one more tablespoon of juice.

The content went viral quickly and There were also many people who put problems with this system to squeeze the lemon. Some indicated that it is better to turn the lemon and put the part of the pulp facing the base, but @boomtisca made another video to demonstrate that this method is more difficult to carry out and no more juice is obtained.

Another way to squeeze a lemon easily and with minimal effort is the one shown on TikTok by nutritionist Jacqui Turner. You just have to pierce the citrus at one end and squeeze it. Here you can see how to put this method into practice.

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