YouTube’s new strategy seeks to boost health videos with reliable information

Youtube announced a new program for boost health videos in order for users to obtain reliable information. The company seeks countering hoaxes and conspiracy theories on its platform, something that has exploded in recent months with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first part of this agreement includes health organizations of the USA, such as Mayo Clinic, the National Academy of Medicine, or the Harvard School of Public Health, among others. YouTube indicates that works on generating health content high quality for users all over the world.

The initiative will be led by Garth Graham, who served as Assistant Secretary of the US Department of Health. One of his first challenges will be identify credible information and find a way to make it “digestible” for the end user. Graham mentions that they want to ensure that the content is based on evidence from reliable sources.

In addition to health agencies, Graham and his team have already identified the YouTube profiles that align with your strategy. Among them are channels of health professionals such as Kati Morton, Doctor Mike or Mama Doctor Jones, who have millions of subscribers and offer reliable information.

Doctors have taken YouTube by storm and that’s good

YouTube Covid

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of channels with false information about the disease and vaccines soared. In response to this, thousands of doctors took to social networks with the aim of offering content based on scientific facts.

In Mexico, cases like that of Doctor Macías – the 2009 H1N1 flu czar – are worthy of attention. The infectious disease specialist offers advice and answers frequently asked questions about the pandemic on Twitter. Another is Doctor Vic, who posts COVID-19-related videos for his nearly 2 million YouTube subscribers.

For now it is unknown how YouTube will deliver your new health experience. The platform may tag its partners’ content as trustworthy or design a microsite that groups together the videos of all the content creators found on the program.

Garth Graham mentions that for years, medical information has existed in an “ivory tower” accessible to those who understand its complicated language. “We want to change this. We want public health to be truly PUBLIC. This is the first step in that direction with many more to come.” indicates the leader of the initiative on YouTube.

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