Youtubers react to the case of Nath Campos and his complaint

Youtubers react to the case of Nath Campos and his complaint (Instagram)

Youtubers react to the case of Nath Campos and his complaint | Instagram

After the accusation of the influencer about an abuse of Rix, fellow youtubers expressed their support, however, some were criticized, such was the case of Luisito Rey and Mario Bautista, who received bad comments from users.

After the controversy unleashed yesterday on social networks, after the youtuber Nath Campos declared in a video to have been a victim of s3xual abuse by fellow youtuber Rix, other content creators reacted to the video, all showing their support for Campos.

Among the reactions to Nath Campos’ video, those of her colleagues on the YouTube social network stand out, such as Juanpa Zurita, Alex Strecci, Berthungas, DebRyanShow and Luisito Rey, who mostly showed their support for the youtuber and condemn Rix’s behavior.

However, Luisito Rey upset the networks with his reaction, since in a live broadcast he condemned Campos’ behavior for having drunk too much and said he was also “guilty”.

Given the criticism on the famous social network Twitter, especially from the also influencer Juana Martínez, Luisito Rey, who was part of the Werevertumorro team, had to explain that he said it in reference to the precautionary measures that women can take not to suffer abuse.

For his part, musician and content creator Alex Strecci, wrote on his official Twitter account that he has been criticized for working or doing business with someone who abused one of his friends.

However, he let users know that months ago Rix was separated from the Mezcal Alerón project, a joint venture in which youtubers Juca, Berthungas, Strecci and Salomundo participate.

While Juanpa Zurita showed his admiration to his friend for being an example for whoever is going through this situation and reiterated his love and unconditional support

I love you, I believe you and you count on me. You are not alone, “wrote the actor himself.

Like Juan Bertheau, better known as Berth or Berthungas, he regretted having kept, for a long time, close to his family circle whom they considered a friend for a long time, since he says he had no idea of ​​what happened between Rix and Nath Campos.

It is worth mentioning that Berth is close to another famous youtuber, Luisito Comunica, who without having mentioned something about the case, became a trend when he was remembered for a controversial photograph where he made a joke with a mezcal, which was described as an apology to rape.

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Another influencer who was dismayed was DebRyanShow, who said she was disappointed at having had him as a friend and recalled that he had already distanced himself from Rix for having disrespected his wife, because as you remember, Yoseline Hoffman’s brother (YosStop) is also close to Luisito and Berth.

And one more who wrote on his social networks was also the singer Mario Bautista, however, users of social networks reminded him of his own case of recent allegations about alleged abuse of underage fans.

It should be remembered that, based on the version of FieldsAfter having left the club with a group of friends and drinking too much, a group of friends, including Rix, accompanied the influencer to her apartment where Rix stayed to sleep and would have sexually abused her.

A few years ago I lived through a situation of abuse and today I want to share my story with you. Because he owed me and because I owe it to everyone who has experienced something like this. Thanks for listening to me, “Campos wrote on his Twitter account after posting his video.

It is worth mentioning that youtuber Rix has been the focus of attention and controversy for months for speaking out against the C0vid-19 vaccine, as well as conspiracy theories that indicate that pandemic is part of a “plot” of the people most powerful in the world to control society.

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