It is never too late for a song to become a trend again. This has happened with the popular theme « In The Air Tonight », by Phil Collins, a song recorded 39 years ago and thanks to some YouTubers, it is listened to with serious spirit in the middle of 2020. Fred and Tim Williams have a YouTube channel called Twinsthenew Trends where they broadcast their reactions to rap and hip hop songs mainly. However, to make a different dynamic with their followers, the twins listened to songs of other genres.

Among these songs was « In the air tonight », a song released in 1981, the year Phil Collins made his solo debut with the album « Face Value » while being the lead singer of the progressive rock band Genesis. « In The Air Tonight » was number one in the UK, Canada and other European countries becoming a classic at Collins concerts.

The power of Youtubers

In a few days, the reaction of Fred and Tim Williams went viral, as their comments on the subject were totally positive and they were delighted to know a song written several decades ago, long before they were born. The lyrics of the song talk about the hard separation between the musician and his first wife in 1979.

This song became popular again some years later when it was aired in the pilot episode of the television program Miami Vice (“Brother’s Keeper”), a fairly iconic series on television in the United States in the 1980s. Years later, in 2009 Again « In The Air Tonight » had a revival thanks to the movie « The Hangover. » There is a scene where the theme plays just before Mike Tyson, one of the best boxers in history, hits one of the protagonists.

Fred and Tim Williams are an example of how influencers have a broad appeal power capable of resuscitating a product. Artists like Frank Sinatra, Dolly Parton, Bob Marley, Queen, Whitney Houston or Stevie Wonder have also been commented on by these twenty-somethings. Music as a consumer and business product will always have a new opportunity, especially when broadcast through massive channels such as YouTube.

About Phil Collins

Phil Collins, born on January 30 in Hounslow, England, is a music legend, whose work, both in his time as a Genesis drummer and as a soloist, always deserves to be taken as a benchmark in contemporary music. His extensive discography and awards are a sample of the importance he has worldwide. He left Genesis in 1996 to dedicate himself exclusively to his solo career. He won the Oscar for best original song in 2000 for « You’ll be in my heart, » from the Tarzan soundtrack.

In recent years, Collins has entered a spiral of health problems and some on a psychological level, as this excerpt from an interview with El País shows: “Life is strange. When you turn 59 you think a lot of dark things… In fact, my second wife, although I get along with her now, told me when we got divorced: “You know what? You’re going to get old by yourself ”. And now I see that the truth is that I am getting old by myself. I don’t know why we’re talking like this, but I feel like I’m at the end of a page and that, when I turn it over, I’m going to be something very different ”.