YouTuber surprises when managing to cook chicken only with blows

Photo: Karolina Grabowska / Pexels

If we think about what we need to be able to cook, yesSurely you will think that you need some food, various kitchen utensils and if it is some type of meat, it will probably be necessary to have a fire.

However, the Internet is full of curious things and people trying to give a logical explanation to unthinkable situations.

Justly, A few days ago, a video shared on YouTube by a user named Louis Weiz went viral, which showed that he could cook a whole chicken only with blows.

How is it possible to cook a chicken only with strokes?

It took Weiz 2 months to complete his experiment. First, he built a complex mechanism that was exclusively designed to rapidly and constantly beat the whole chicken that was wrapped in a thermal bag, with which it would raise its temperature until it reached the doneness point.

In 2019, someone on Reddit posed a physics-related question regarding If kinetic energy, that is, that generated by movement, can be converted into thermal energy, that is, into heat, and if this could cook a chicken.

At the time, a physics student responded that a blow could do it if it reached a speed of 1,666 meters per second or 3,726 miles per hour. Although it seemed possible, it was not feasible if some mechanism was not created to achieve these figures.

Thanks to a cooking tip he found online, Weisz found that holding the chicken at 55-60 degrees Celsius (131-140 degrees Fahrenheit), for at least an hour, would be enough to cook it, or at least kill the amount of enough bacteria to avoid salmonella.

In order to verify the experiment, Weiz passed several tests, the first had to do with the machine he built, because he did not want the chicken to be destroyed by the force of the blows and also to withstand the heat that it would generate.

Before the chicken, he tried a beef fillet, which after a session of pounding, managed to raise it to 60 ° C, which caused it to “cook” in a medium term.

After several unsuccessful attempts with the chicken Weisz he finally succeeded. In the final calculations, it takes a minimum of 135,000 strokes in 8 hours to cook a chicken, consuming around 7,500 Watt Hours of energy, two to three times what your oven would need for the same job.

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