youtuber spent 70 thousand dollars

A « youtuber » nicknamed ZHC among his fans, spent $ 70,000 to have the Play Satation 5 manufactured biggest in the world. The final result of the order of the man who personalizes all kinds of objects and devices on his YouTube channel, was a console 3 meters high and 227 kilos of weight.

World’s Largest Play Station 5

Beyond its colossal size it is one hundred times higher than normal, the device is fully functional and fulfills its primary purpose: lets play video games.



In the comments of the video where you can see the striking console, the blogger noted that « the world’s largest PS5 in operation. »

Guinness record

From the channel itself they credit that this PS5 is up100 times larger than Sony’s business model, something that has been the Guiness World Record as the largest PlayStation 5 in the world. So much so, that in the video that accompanies the news you can see part of the assembly and customization, as well as different challenges that they perform with such a huge reproduction of the console.

After showing and announcing the world’s largest PS5, the youtuber used his channel to announce that they will give away a total of 100 PS5s to their subscribers and people with few economic resources, a detail if we take into account the shortage of stock of new generation consoles throughout the world due to the difficulties that component manufacturers find when producing certain parts.