A youtuber has caused controversy by going viral a video of him licking a tube from the New York City Metro

By: Luz María Camacho

While many quarantine their homes due to the global crisis of the pandemic of coronavirus, a youtuber has caused controversy when done viral a video of the licking a tube of the Meter from the city of NY, which so far has 20,000 positive cases of Covid-19.

The video, which was shared on the WorldStarHipHop Twitter account, featured Zeeshan Ali, better known as Princezee, licking a tube of one of the wagons of the Meter of the Big Apple, while a passenger with a mask sitting nearby prefers to get away from him.

The 8-second clip has amassed over 300,000 views and over 570 retweets, where hundreds of people have commented on the post.

One Twitter user wrote “what’s wrong with people,” while another questioned whether the YouTuber he felt his health was worth noting if the video was turning viral.

“[En serio] You have to ask yourself if your health was worth it, right? “wrote another.

Another Twitter user commented that it was a “natural selection,” while another said that if restaurant and bar owners are being arrested for “endangering the public,” Princezee should also be arrested.

Other users responded with popular GIFs in response to the images. One user tweeted Cardi B’s GIF “what was the reason”, while another posted the message “oh no baby what are you doing?”

Also, someone else directed their comment to WorldStarHipHop, asking them to promote the video on your page first.

Princezee retweeted the video, but so far has not commented on him or on the numerous reactions to video.

The video Princezee’s not the only one of his kind who has become viral In these last days. Today a Missouri man shared a video where it appears licking numerous plastic bottles on a shelf inside a supermarket. An influencer named Ava Louise went viral on Monday licking an airplane toilet seat and a Belgian man was arrested for licking his finger and cleaning himself on a pole in the meter.

(With information from Inquisitr)