‘YouTuber’ is recorded at the SpaceX base until it reaches the Starship

Space agencies tend to have a high level of security in their facilities. Beyond looking away from technologies that are not available to anyone, they also try to protect their staff from accidents. However, the above seems to be insignificant to some people. According to The Verge, at the end of March a youtuber recorded himself circumventing the security of SpaceX until he reached the Starship, the surprising ship that is still in the testing phase.

“Caesar”, as the youtuber calls himself, is part of the Loco VlogS channel. The aforementioned sneaked into the SpaceX base in Boca Chica, Texas, where the company led by Elon Musk launches. Curiously, was able to record the prototype SN11 of the Starship, which exploded on March 30 while conducting an altitude test. The video, of course, was already removed from YouTube. “Caesar” apologized and acknowledged that what he did is illegal:

I didn’t really think of that [que era ilgeal]. What went through my mind was, ‘Okay, I’ll never get this chance again.’ So I tried. Well, this happened. »

At NASA they are not happy with SpaceX

Darrell etherington

Now, there are some details that facilitated the “adventure” of the youtuber. The SpaceX facilities in Texas, unlike other space agencies, are not exactly a benchmark in security. In fact, the base has no walls and it is common to see people photographing the ships from the immediate vicinity. Elon Musk himself has greeted the cameras of SpaceX enthusiasts on more than one occasion.

The above, however, does not justify what happened, since there is a private security company responsible for avoiding this type of situation at the SpaceX base. Recording videos or taking photos in the distance is not bad, but getting to the Starship with such ease, and then recording its engines, is serious business. Also, in the POT they are not at all happy with what happened. Monica Witt, representative of the agency, stated that “NASA takes safety and security very seriously”.

The United States Federal Aviation Administration The FAA also did not see the issue favorably: “Maintaining the physical security of a launch facility is an important point in ensuring public safety. Despite the apologies of the person involved, SpaceX advised NASA that it will initiate an investigation. As they explain, Human Landing System, the company in charge of the security of the facilities, has among its obligations “to adequately protect information, software and hardware.” It is evident that they did not do their job, and that SpaceX could do more to improve the security of its base.